Things take time

Things take time
One day.

Some things just take time to grow, and it can pay to be patient. Got a blog with a shiny new domain? You need to wait six months for the domain to be considered old enough for monetisation with Google Ads. People need time to discover your content, too. Jobs take time - there is only so much you can do in a day.

And remember, you need time to learn new skills. You need time to adjust to new habits. And you need time for your other commitments, too. Putting in more effort may just make you tired, and can be inefficient. It's like trying to eat all your meals for the week in one day - you'd get indigestion and be hungry on the other days anyway. You might be frustrated with the lack of results, but that's because most things in life are like exponentials, with more rewards later on compared to right now. You're not rewarded equally along each part of the journey.

You'll know you need to wait if your efforts don't seem to be getting anywhere yet, and you know that your strategy is the right one. For example, you're doing all the right things to become healthier, but don't notice any changes in energy levels yet. Maybe your body just needs time to adjust to everything, or is catching up on all the sleep and nutrients it's been missing out on previously.

Another case is if you don't have enough information because the date is just too far away. For example, you're trying to plan for travel in detail when the date of departure is a year or two away - you don't know if you'd still want to in a year, and you wouldn't know what the destination will be like in a year. Or, something like covid can happen and your plans will be cancelled. It might be better to plan closer to the date, when more information surfaces.

Sometimes, waiting it out is all you can do. Kick back, relax and enjoy.