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If you want to support me and my work, there are many ways to do so.


On this blog you may have noticed that you could "subscribe" to get access to certain posts. Right now, there are two tiers - one free and one paid. Free posts are marked as Members Only while paid posts are marked as Paid-members Only.

Free subscription

This is the same as signing up for my email list. You'll get new posts in your inbox as I publish them, plus access to some Members only posts.

This allows access to exclusive posts and in turn helps me with server costs. I'll add more perks as more users sign up for this tier, such as group coaching calls and discussions.

One-time donation

A few options:

  1. Crypto - wallet addresses linked here.
  2. Stripe
  3. PayNow (Singapore/SG-only)
  4. PayPal

Donation to charities

Giving Multiplier - Match your donation to two different charities at once. This link gives you up to 10% more on your donation than you would have otherwise. I don't earn anything from this; I just want to encourage more donations. - Get $25 of credit to donate to a charity when you donate $10 or more. Learn more here (there's another referral link there if you'd prefer that one). Don't earn anything from this one either.

In this section, I get some form of compensation if you support the below businesses via my links.


Wren - sign up with the link to protect 10 extra acres of rainforest, free. Offset your carbon footprint easily, with nice monthly reports on your impact. I get $40 per sign up. If you join my group you'll get one month of Wren free, too.


Tiger Brokers - Open an account with an initial deposit of at least $2,000 (you must transfer the $2,000 all at once and it must be the first deposit), and receive one free Apple share, along with 60 commission-free trades in 180 days, etc you know the drill.

Endowus (SG-only) - $20 access credit if you invest S$1,000 for 90 days. The access credit doesn't expire, so if you invest less, it's free for you for longer. For S$10,000 it works out to be about 4 months of free investing. I really like that they have an ESG portfolio.

Stashaway (SG-only) - deposit any amount and get 6 months free investing for up to S$10,000

Gemini - get US$10 in BTC when you sign up and buy/sell $100 within 30 days of account creation.

International banking

Wise - free first transfer of up to SGD 900 on any forex money transfers.

Revolut - Make 3 transactions on the Revolut card to get S$15. They have a great membership option that'll save you lots more in credit card transaction fees if you need to do a lot of international transfers via a card. There's no bank account but they have a 'disposable virtual card' feature, which can be useful.

YouTrip - get S$5 if you sign up with my referral code. Currently only available in Singapore and Thailand. If the link is expired, ask me for a new one.

InstaRem - another foreign currency remittance service. Get 225 InstaPoints to be used towards forex transfers on sign up (about S$2.80).


Fiverr - sign up with my link for 10% off your first order.

Fiverr2 - great marketplace for freelance work (I get $20 cash for new buyers who make their first purchase for this link).

OfficeSuite - an alternative to Microsoft Office. Has a free trial that becomes paid. For PCs, it's only available on Windows for now.

PDFExtra - an alternative to Adobe PDF. Has a free trial that becomes paid. For PCs, it's only available on Windows for now.

CMFAS (SG-only) - get up to twice the amount of access time as publicly advertised

iHerb - $5 credit towards your first order, and 5% discount on subsequent orders, forever. Though, they sometimes have other offers that can be even better, so you can try to stack the discounts by putting both the code of the other offers and also my code - CMJ8085 - at checkout. I buy my supplements through them.

DigitalOcean - $100 credit free for 60 days (usage only; creating resources takes money). If you spend $25 on them, I'll get $25.

FWD - they have really cheap and good travel insurance, and offer a host of other insurance too, often on discount. You'll get about 2% off from my referral. Though, their website is still somewhat janky.

TunnelBear - they are a great VPN service that's really easy to use, and fairly cheap. Has a nice sense of humour embedded into the product.

Enjify - buy all your games in one place (price in Euros)

Fussmatte Individuell - design your own doormat (warning - in German)

Daebak - Korean lifestyle products shipped directly from South Korea.

Inspire Uplift - lifestyle products (US-based).

Cambridge Mask - certified and tested face masks in the US and UK.

Yat - join a crypto game to win NFTs.