Idea Board

Things I want to see in the world, but don't have the resources to create yet. Hit me up if you'd like to work on this together, or let me know if it already exists!


  1. Paddie - an Uber for luggage across borders. Send personal items across borders easily and without the hassle of posting it. Your couriers will be others who just happen to be flying at the time.
  2. Refuge - similar to Airbnb, but to match willing hosts with homeless people/people in need of an emergency space to crash.
  3. Monarch - peer-to-peer immigration service. Match people who are willing to help others migrate to their country with visas, a foreign address, settling into the country, taxes, local tips etc. maybe working with Duoflag
  4. A more formal idea adoption board - not to look for co-founders, but just a huge wishlist of ideas for people to make happen.
  5. No-code tool for policymakers to visualise consequences of their actions, something like and LOOPY but friendlier and suited for policymakers. Perhaps PolicyEngine but global.
  6. Accountability buddy finder - good ones are great and can be hard to find.
  7. Personal development app to track how you're doing on all areas of life.
  8. A global Charity Navigator for nonprofits, with reviews from beneficiaries (if possible) and transparent evaluations. Charity Navigator is focused only on United States-based charities as of now.
  9. A decent T9 keyboard app with a dictionary. That is probably what I miss the most about old phones with actual buttons.


  1. Automated cooking - not the low-heat sous vide stuff, but full on stirring, mixing and so on. The Instant Pot comes close; what about automating frying in a cheap way?
  2. Floating solar panels above the clouds, with electricity delivered to the ground. That way weather is no longer an issue.
  3. Something that turns biomass into electricity directly, instead of just heat. Right now the process goes burn fuel > heat > electricity; what if we could do burn fuel > electricity?
  4. A global chain of subsidised hacker houses.
  5. A Singapore intermediary for donations to effective charities overseas, such that they can be tax exempt here as well. Singapore has a rule that tax-exempt organisations direct funds locally most of the time, but we can see if we can work with that. We could try to replicate this across countries too.


  1. A story about the meaning of life and altruism, something like Strong Female Protagonist.
  2. A story about studying and work - so much art pushes it aside, but I want to see something about studying and work related issues, like how to be motivated, pressure to perform, competition, why we study and work.
  3. A story about personal development and growth.
  4. A story about reality. How realistic can and should fiction get?


  1. There are many free and low-cost resources online for computer science and related subjects, and some are very comprehensive. Can this be repeated for other subjects, like engineering, philosophy and environment science?