Why write if nothing is original?

Why write if nothing is original?
Photo by Zeesy Grossbaum / Unsplash
  1. Because it's a good track record created by you, for you.
  2. Because it hones your skills.
  3. Because it'll be one more datapoint for AI to train on.
  4. Because it's fun.
  5. Because it helps you think.
  6. Because it's still your take.
  7. Because it could be that missing piece for someone else.
  8. Because your work is unique.
  9. Because just reading and consuming is boring.
  10. Because it's self-expression.
  11. Because it keeps dementia at bay.
  12. Because it's easy to simply type or put pen to paper.
  13. Because we write all the time.
  14. Because you could make money from it.
  15. Because it makes you an active participant in life.
  16. Because it could be your contribution to the world.
  17. Because the act of writing is satisfying.
  18. Because it creates space for reflection, like a moving meditation.
  19. Because you write once, then create value forever.
  20. Because it just might be original after all.