You don't need three oxygen masks

A household income of 24,000 Singapore dollars a year in a household of 1 adult puts you in the top 5.4% of global income.
Puts things into perspective.

There's a saying that goes like this: "Put your own oxygen mask on first."

It's supposed to remind people to take care of themselves, first and foremost. Good advice that I should be applying myself, too. But I notice something else - the second part of the saying isn't mentioned much.

In the second part, you're supposed to help children or other people to put their masks on, too. To help people who can't help themselves.

Even with a "meagre" salary by Singapore standards, you'd already be in the top 6% of wealth globally.

So when people around me feel like they don't have enough money, it's a little like hearing them say: "I don't have enough because one oxygen mask isn't enough for me. I need more oxygen. I need three masks. What if my oxygen runs out? I need more oxygen than the average person."

All valid concerns, but when people are gasping without oxygen next to you - people who can't afford to eat - I think it's really difficult to justify hoarding. How are you supposed to use three oxygen masks at once? You really only need one, and can only use one anyway.

Yes, put your own oxygen mask on first. But don't hoard them.