A quick look at meal replacements in Singapore

A quick look at meal replacements in Singapore
Photo by Anna Pelzer on Unsplash

I've always wanted to outsource cooking and eating as much as I could. I've been cooking for myself for the past couple of years, but it takes up about 8-10 hours a week and I see it as a chore. To me, food is mostly functional and I try to optimise for nutrition. I always claimed that if I could just not eat, I will; time to test that out. There are also other options, like hiring your own cook, ordering meal deliveries from a caterer like Grain or using a service like Clockwork Nutrition, but I won't be exploring those today.

To prepare and to decide on what replacements to try, I've made a spreadsheet to briefly compare a few different products. I evaluate them based on the nutritional content and price. Surprisingly, batch cooking fresh food still comes out on top overall - I genuinely thought that the meal replacements could beat cooking. Even if I dock off a couple of points for the time wasted on cooking, it's still pretty decent in terms of nutrition. Can you hear how disappointed I am?

Otherwise, different meal replacement products are better at different things, for the same 100 grams of powder. They all come out to about 300-400 calories for that 100 grams. Details in the spreadsheet below.

I hope you'll find this comparison useful (scroll right to see the final scores in the "Score" column). There are some affiliate links in the spreadsheet, but otherwise I'm not sponsored to make this post at all. Enjoy!

Get yourself a copy of the sheet (with proper formatting!) here.