Levels of Development: Physical Health

Levels of Development: Physical Health
Photo by Tim Foster on Unsplash

If life is a game, then how do we level up? I seek to answer this question and propose different levels available to us in all aspects of life. I'm going to call this Levels of Development. Just some guidelines and goals to work towards, and thinking about what's possible. What level are you at, and where do you want to be? What is your own take on these levels?

This includes physical health first. Mental health is a separate issue altogether. There are four main aspects: sleep, nutrition, exercise and pain.

Level 1: Near-death

You're barely alive, and probably need some form of ventilator. Or comatose.

Level 2: Very sick

You're barely hanging in there, but you can still sort of function. You have one or two hours of pain-free function every day.

Level 3: Regularly sick

You fall sick every couple of months, and it affects your day to day life. I heard that I was sick pretty much every month as an infant.

Level 4: Chugging along

You tend to get sick every flu season and take sick leave every year, but otherwise you're doing fine. I was at this stage for a very long time when I was younger.

Level 5: Okay

Pain levels are tolerable and your body does what you want most of the time. However, problems with your body are still affecting your daily life, like aches, a lack of sleep, feeling weak etc

Level 6: General wellness

You have no idea what your physical health is like, but you're not getting affected by this lack of knowledge (yet). Things work well-ish but you're not actively trying to improve them.

Level 7: 1 out of 4

Of the four aspects - pain, sleep, nutrition, exercise - you have one tweaked to your liking. For example, you are pain free/or your pain is manageable, you're sleeping well, you're getting enough nutrition, or you're doing some form of movement every week.

Level 8: 2 out of 4

Of the four aspects - pain, sleep, nutrition, exercise - you have two tweaked to your liking.

Level 9: 3 out of 4

Of the four aspects - pain, sleep, nutrition, exercise - you are at a place you're happy at for at least three aspects.

Level 10: Flourishing

You are not in any pain, and your body does what you want. You can easily do everything you'd like. You rarely get sick and rarely get illnesses. You know exactly what you are eating and know that you are meeting your nutritional needs. You wake up feeling completely alert and sharp every morning. You have an exercise plan you feel good about, and you are improving in flexibility, strength, coordination etc.