Levels of Development: Mental Health

A cross section of the human brain.
Photo by Robina Weermeijer / Unsplash

If life is a game, then how do we level up? I seek to answer this question and propose different levels available to us in all aspects of life. I'm going to call this Levels of Development. Just some guidelines and goals to work towards, and thinking about what's possible. What level are you at, and where do you want to be? What is your own take on these levels?

Brains! A few aspects: how you see yourself, how you feel on a daily basis, and how clearly you can think.

Level 1: Suicidal

You're depressed and distracted a lot of the time, with serious mental health issues to work on.

Level 2: Basic functioning

You can do the basic tasks required of you but it feels difficult and you can't focus. You may also be feeling burnt out or stressed, such as an abusive situation.

Level 3: Denial

You refuse to work on your mental health issues and think you're fine. Pre-burnout is here - you can feel it coming but try to push on.

Level 4: Healing

You're slowly working on your issues and have a concrete plan to get better. This may involve actually seeing a counsellor, taking medication, developing better habits etc but you're just starting out; it's still a struggle.

Level 5: Metacognition

You're now able to catch cognitive distortions, and recognise them for what they are. You're generally in a neutral or good mood most of the time. Some brain fog and nagging issues can really get you down for a day or two.

Level 6: Getting there

Some days it's hard to do what you want to, but they are fewer and farther in between. You generally have pretty good clarity and feel good about yourself.

Level 7: Good habits

You've developed habits - such as taking care of your physical body, coping techniques, meditation, enough social interaction - that keeps your brain in top shape. The habits do not feel like work, and generally you can get yourself to do what you need to, and focus. Resisting impulses is starting to get easier.

Level 8: 1 out of 3

Of the three aspects - how you view yourself, how you feel generally and how clearly you can think - you have at least one aspect at a comfortable level.

Level 9: 2 out of 3

Two aspects at a comfortable level.

Level 10: Peak performance

You like and embrace every part of yourself, even the flaws. You have great confidence and are sure of yourself. You can focus when you want to, and can think clearly. Impulses and addictions hardly faze you. You don't experience brain fog or headaches of any sort, and can deal with high levels of stress without losing your cool. You do not depend on stimulants (the medications you take, if any, are the right blend for you to feel as good as possible).