How to sell more on Carousell

How to sell more on Carousell
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Carousell is a great platform, and I'm really happy it exists. I've sold a couple of big ticket items there amounting to about $500, and I wanted to share some tips on selling on the platform.

Install Carousell on your phone

This makes it easier for you to respond to buyers, and if buyers see that you're responsive, it makes them more likely to reach out.

Consider if it's worth it

Sometimes, smaller items - like cheap clothes especially - may not have buyers, because there are many people selling them and the hassle is not quite worth it. I've had better luck selling higher value items like refrigerators, induction cookers, and vouchers. If you see many similar items being sold, then don't bother selling them. Just donate instead. However, if the items will just sit in your house and clearing space ASAP is not a priority, then you can consider listing them and seeing who bites.

Better descriptions

Include as many pictures and measurements as you can. Go for accuracy. This helps to save you time - you can automatically exclude people who aren't looking for what you have to offer. If you'd like, include a story or two about the item, and also mention why you're selling it (eg moving out). You can also say things like "very spacious fridge" - treat it like marketing copy.

Use Carousell's assistant bot

If your item remains unsold for a while, Carousell's bot will chat with you to ask you if you'd like to have a free bump, or if you'd like to be featured if you lower the price. Take it and use it - I tend to sell after items have been bumped once.

Re-listing/repricing your listing

Theoretically you could repost old items to make them be fresh and have a "free" bump. You could also bump up the price of your listing, then sell it again at the previous price for a "price reduced" effect to show up on the listing. I don't really recommend doing this, but it's an option.


Try to price your items close to where other sellers are pricing it, or lower if you are able or willing. The right buyer for you is one who's willing to meet you close to the price you're selling, given that you priced your item decently. I usually try to price my items slightly higher than what I'm willing to accept, then lower the price for the price slashing boost from Carousell. Or when the buyers bargain with me.


Sell seasonal items close to the season, for example graduation gowns close to graduating season to get things sold quickly. However, if you're patient enough, you can probably just wait for people to reach out to you. If they see that you're responsive, people will still reach out on old listings.

For people who added your item to favourites, reach out

I've personally not tried this tip yet, but I think it will be a good way to reach out to warm leads. You don't have to wait for the buyer to approach you. Say something like "Hi there [username], I saw that you added this item to your favourites list. Is there anything I can help with?" and see what you get in response. Much more proactive than waiting.


If the buyer negotiates with you, consider lowering the price for them if it's reasonable. My listings usually get about 10-20% discounted after negotiation. You can also try to ask for pick up or a more convenient location for you to meet up if they ask for a price reduction.

When in doubt, wait it out

If someone tries to lowball you, should you sell to them? It's been a couple of months and you're desperate. I think it really depends on your situation - personally, waiting it out has worked out in my favour. I usually didn't sell to the first buyer who started the chat, and I didn't sell to people who tried to get 50% off what my list price was. It usually takes me about 2-3 months up to a year to sell items, and at least 2-3 conversations for each item.

I hope the above tips help you make the most out of Carousell. Happy selling!