How to buy better on Carousell

How to buy better on Carousell
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Carousell is a great marketplace for everything - from secondhand (or even brand new!) goods to cars and apartments. I've bought about 25 items from Carousell, found my current apartment through Carousell and most recently started selling on Carousell too. I like that I can take pretty good items off other people at a bargain without having to hurt the planet, and contributing to the circular economy. Here are some tips I've learned that may help you make the most of the platform.

Install Carousell on your phone

I've found that the mobile app is a more convenient way of keeping track of what I have on Carousell and for responding to sellers.

Use search wisely

When you search for an item, be more specific. For example, in a recent search for shoes, I searched "Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 Size 8" instead of "Onitsuka Tiger". If I can't find what you're looking for, then I'd broaden my search. I usually sort items by price and, if there are too many sellers clogging up the $0 section, I will filter it with a price filter d will be bumped to top of the search result, increases visibility to increase sales - HOMEPAGE: Interactions (Likes and Chats) will help increase your chance of being featured in “Daily picks”, increases exposure to plike $5 and above, for example. You can also save the searches that you found helpful to return to later.

Use favourites sparingly

I use them as a mini CRM, keeping track of the sellers I've been talking to. I un-favourite items when I'm done with buying the item I need.

Read the description

Oftentimes the description will tell you what you need to know for the item, and gives you a first look at what kind of seller you're dealing with. I'd also take a look at the location of the item to make sure it's not too far away.

Use chat

I always, always try to talk to to the seller first before making an offer. Sometimes they don't respond, which means that they weren't interested in dealing, and other times it's a good way to show interest. I'd always ask for extra details too, like measurements for example.


I also use Carousell as a way to practice negotiation. I'd offer benefits like going closer to where the seller stays, asking for some form of delivery, or heading over at a time that's better for the seller. I would also ask for items to be mailed over instead of meeting up. Sellers are often pretty happy to give these perks or lower the price a little bit.

Oftentimes I'd chat up a few sellers for the same products and maybe mention that another seller is selling the item for less money.

Offer only when you're sure

If you make an offer for an item, that should mean that you will proceed with the deal no matter what. If you don't want the item anymore, be sure to retract your offer. It's easier for the seller to gauge your interest this way.

Leave reviews

I always leave a review when I can - I think it's just good practice. If your seller leaves a review, you'd be seen as a more reliable buyer.

Don't window-shop

I usually only go on Carousell to buy things I already need and have a focus; this way I can get what I want as quickly as possible. Otherwise, it can become a waste of time, and is still another form of consumerism.

I hope the above tips help you in making the most of the platform as a buyer.