FWD Insurance Referral Link: get extra 1.5% off

FWD Insurance Referral Link: get extra 1.5% off
Photo by Scott Graham / Unsplash

I've enjoyed using FWD insurance services for term life insurance and travel insurance. It was easy to claim travel insurance benefits; luckily, I've had not had to claim any for term life insurance. They offer a "renewable term" insurance which I've not found anywhere else. This means premiums are low for me now, and slowly increase as I get older. If I invest the difference, it would have been cheaper than buying a fixed term insurance.

The process is quick, easy and relatively painless, and I like their transparent pricing. What's more, you get an extra discount on top of their online offers if you use my link.

This is my FWD insurance referral link:


This is how the program works: